Pet Doc: Are CBD products safe for our pets?

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CBD oil, which is a product derived from hemp, seems to be everywhere…but is it safe for our pets? 

News 2’s Jared Plushnick went to find out in this week’s Pet Doc report. 

Jared: CBD Oil seems like we see ads for it all of the time.  Could have some health benefits for humans what about pets?  Let’s go to DSC with MACC medical director.  Can we use this on our pets and what’s the benefit?  

Dr. Staci Cannon, Metro Animal Care & Control: 

Sure, so CBD oil is pretty new to the market and it’s being marketed directly at pet owners.  A lot of people have questions about whether or not they should try that for their pets.  

There are several different reasons you might be considering that. There is a little bit of evidence now that CBD oil can help with pets who have seizures, for example, also we see it being used for animals who have chronic pain, maybe they have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy.  Or even pets that have anxiety, it can be helpful for that.  

The main thing though is to talk to your veterinarian about your specific pet, they are going to know your animal’s medical history, what other medications they are on and whether it is safe to be using CBD oil along with the medications your pet is already on. 

Also, it is really important to talk to your veterinarian so you can get help with dosing that so animals obviously a small kitten like this, a small cat, a small dog they are lot different than a human, size wise so it’s important to get that dosing correct as well as to be safe.  JP:  There is also a difference between what our pets can get and what we can use as humans.  DSC:  Exactly, also important to keep in mind if those products are around the house and your pets were to ingest them by accident, they could ingest a dose that could be harmful to them.  

So making sure if you have any of those products around the house, keeping them out of reach of pets and children is really important, as well as knowing what signs to watch for if your pets were to accidentally ingest that.  Sometimes they can become very drowsy, very sleepy, they may be staggering around and looking drunk or they may just be sleeping and not able to wake up.  

So if those were the case I would definitely seek emergency medical care for your pet.

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