NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – There’s a call for people to help older Tennesseeans who are urged to hunker down at home because of COVID-19.

The Tennessee Commission on Aging and Disability helps thousands of seniors every year and right now they said access to food is one of the most critical needs of this population.

That’s why they’re calling on healthy volunteers to bring food to older adults who are isolated at home since they’re at a higher risk for complications if they contract this virus.

A lot of older people were volunteers themselves and are now having to stay home too.

One woman in Nashville started a Facebook group where people are already signing up to help bring groceries or restaurant meals to seniors.

“My grandmother just turned 90 this year. As soon as we started hearing that COVID-19 was a danger to senior citizens I sent out a family text and said we need to quarantine Granny-poo. That’s what I call her. Knowing that she needed groceries and some of our church members needed groceries so we started that first,” said Aireka Harvell. “So I decided to create a Facebook group to help more senior citizens who don’t want to go out and get pushed around in the grocery store or maybe don’t have a car or family here.”

State leaders are also working to set up “reassurance phone calls” where volunteers can call seniors to check on them.

Volunteers cannot be in the high-risk category for COVID-19, can’t have been knowingly exposed to the virus, or showing no signs of illness.

If interested, click HERE to sign up to volunteer.

Any older Tennesseans who need help can call the Commission on Aging and Disability at 1-866-836-6678.