NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Every few weeks Vanderbilt University Medical Center releases a modeling report that gives us a snapshot of current COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations across the state.

New data released on Wednesday shows the transmission number in Tennessee has been steady over the last few weeks, but experts say we could see the number of cases increase soon.

“We said early on we needed to get that transmission number down below one to really stamp out the epidemic and we have gotten that number here in Tennessee down to about one and it has been holding steady right around there,” said Melissa McPheeters, a research professor of health policy and biomedical inortmatics with VUMC.

With more businesses opening this week, we could see more cases in the next two weeks.

“We would expect an increase in cases as we reduce social distancing, but we don’t know yet where that is going to go,” said McPheeters.

The data also looked at current hospitalizations, currently showing 275 COVID-19 patients in hospitals across the state.

“That is up about 40 percent in the last month, but it isn’t stressing our healthcare system capacity,” said McPheeters, “So we want to keep watching those numbers.”

A closer look into the data can help medical experts and lawmakers address communities where infections are increasing.

“We always say you can’t address a problem that you don’t know how to describe,” said McPheeters. “If we don’t have the data to tell us where we have particular clusters of cases or where places might be seeing particular increases in spread, we don’t know how to get in there and help.”

McPheeters says they hope to release more data in a few weeks.