US coronavirus cases hit daily record, Vanderbilt doctor weighs in on surge


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The United States hit a daily record, reporting more than 47,000 new cases of coronavirus Tuesday. The country’s top infectious diseases expert, Anthony Fauci, warned that number could double.

News 2 spoke to a local doctor to discuss why the U.S. is experiencing a surge in cases other countries didn’t face during reopening.

COVID-19, a pandemic of unimaginable proportions moving quickly through the unique tapestry of our country. The vast size, infectious disease specialist at Vanderbilt Dr. David Aronoff said, is problematic in and of itself.

“The United States is a very large place with more than 320 million people, and it’s spread out among different states with different urban hubs. In many respects, we’re like a large collection of countries when it comes to the spread of this virus,” Aronoff explained.

Yet, our approach to tackling the spread is vastly different from other populations across the world.

“For example,” Dr. Aronoff said, “A country in Europe can, from the top down, shutdown for example and open up gradually all at once but under the same rules and regulations country-wide.”

A unified and systematic approach, infectious disease doctors believe, help control outbreaks.

“In that United States as we’re seeing, this is a very different situation as cities are having certain rules about social distancing or wearing a mask. States have their own way of phasing in or phasing out operations, and then you have recommendations coming from the federal government,” Aronoff said.

As far as projections, Dr. Anthony Fauci has indicated, the daily increase in new cases could soon reach 100,000 nationwide unless efforts to damped the disease escalate. It’s a daunting figure but not surprising to Dr. Aronoff.

“I think what we’re seeing is what we would expect to see with a bit of a patch quilt with our country in terms of public health and populations.”

COVID-19 in Tennessee

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