Unacast data showing an uptick in Tennessee travel and tourism


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — With things opening back up in Middle Tennessee, and Nashville recently moving into Phase Two of re-opening, many are wondering how the travel and tourism industries are faring. Data from Unacast’s Retail Impact Scoreboard sheds some light on this matter.

Unacast’s data measures which industries are in the process of recovering and which have recovered. In Tennessee, the home goods and improvement industry has seen the greatest recovery.

The travel and hospitality have seen little improvement until recently. If you take a look at the industries here in Tennessee that are currently recovering the most rapidly, travel and hospitality come in at number 2, indicating a recent surge.

Rob Mortensen, President, and CEO of the Greater Nashville Hospitality Association, has noticed this upward trend.

“We see that in Nashville, there’s an uptick in hotel stays. In downtown Nashville, we are seeing folks venturing out and going to restaurants,” said Mortensen.

While things are looking better, the recovery will still take time. The key to recovery, according to Mortensen, is building up consumer confidence.

“We’re probably looking at a year before we’re back to where we were. It might be sooner, and that would be exciting if it was. Some people it might take a couple of months to build that confidence back and others might take six or even eight months to get folks back out there.”

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