Tennessee scores a D- in social distancing, new retail data available


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Social distancing is a key part of containing the spread of COVID-19. Now, Unacast is using GPS cellphone data to measure how well people have been keeping apart. 

Everyday, Unacast updates their Social Distancing Scoreboard. It is like a report card for how well people are social distancing. The United States as a whole, is at a C. Other states like Vermont, Montana, and Nevada currently leading the pack. 

Tennessee’s most recent score for social distancing is a D-. Three metrics are used to determine this score:

  • The change in average distance traveled
  • The change in non-essential visitation
  • The change in human encounters

A letter grade is then assigned depending on the decrease in these behaviors.

Percent Change in Average Distance Traveled

A: > 70% decrease
B: 55-70% decrease
C: 40-55% decrease
D: 25-40% decrease
F: <25% decrease or increase

Percent Change in Non-essential Visitation

A: > 70% decrease
B: 65-70% decrease
C: 60-65% decrease
D: 55-60% decrease
F: <55% decrease or increase

Percent Change in Human Encounters

A: 0 – 5th percentile
 5th – 15th percentile
 15th – 30th percentile
30th – 50th percentile
 >50th percentile

Tennessee scored a D in reducing average mobility, a D in reducing non-essential visits and an F in reducing encounters.

Uncast also allows you to take a look at county-level data. Both Davidson and Williamson counties scored a C, a decrease from the B- that both counties had just two weeks ago. Montgomery County currently has a score of D+.

Uncast is offering a Retail Impact Scoreboard. This scoreboard takes a look at 13 different industries and breaks the data down by state. The scoring system shows four different categories ranging from cold to hot and measures the difference in foot traffic compared to the same day last year. Cold means there’s a significant reduction in foot traffic, while warm means there’s a significant increase. 

Unacast’s scoring system is based on the percentage increase or decrease from the same day in 2019:
Hot: >20% increase
Warm: 0-20% increase
Cool: 0-20% decrease
Cold: >20% decrease

Every industry measured in Tennessee has seen at least a 20 percent drop in foot traffic compared to last year. 

While closures due to COVID-19 and social distancing efforts have worked to flatten the curve, there is still room for improvement. The information provided by Unacast will continue to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

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