Spring Hill GM plant to reopen May 11th


SPRING HILL, Tn. (WKRN) – After weeks of deliberating and planning, General Motors and the UAW Local 1853 Union announced they will begin reopening the plant in Spring Hill Monday.

“There’s some that’s excited about coming back because it’s been a financial burden on them, and then the other thing is that there are some that’s concerned that have health issues that we’re doing the right thing,” UAW Local 1853 President Darrell Dejean told News 2.

The process will be gradual, bringing back first and second shifts, leadership and production over several weeks.

“They will be bringing in some skilled trades…to get the equipment up and running to make sure that we’re not having any issues as far as start-up,” Dejean said.

Each employee will go through a screening process before entering the plant.

“We have an automatic sanitizing machine… as soon as they walk through and squirt their hands, they will be asked 3 questions: Have you come in contact with someone who has coronavirus? Have you been out of the country? Are you feeling sick?” Dejean explained.

Employees will then walk, he says 6 feet apart, to get a mask custom made by GM, then enter the building where their temperature will be scanned by a machine.

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles said in his daily Facebook press conference, “My hope is that I will be there as these shifts return to greet the employees, I know that they are glad going back to work.”

Those not in the initial plan, such as third shift, are to keep filing unemployment.

“It’ll be good to have people coming back but at the same time we want to make sure we do all of the right things to keep our members safe,” Dejean said.

Here is the full statement release by the UAW and GM:

For weeks, we have been sharing information about our safety protocols and we feel confident that our approach will keep us all safe. These safety protocols have been very effective in Kokomo, IN (ventilators production), in Warren, MI (mask production) and in CCA locations across the country. Our procedures have been reviewed by the UAW and outside experts and they meet or exceed CDC guidelines.

GM Spring Hill vehicle assembly plant and GPS (CSS and GenV) teams will participate in a safety orientation and begin to prepare our equipment/facility for a return beginning Monday, May 11th for 1st shift.

Before anyone starts work, we will have a detailed safety orientation at the plant to ensure everyone understands our safety system and can ask questions. Group Leaders and Team Leaders will attend the orientation first and team members will be trained next.  

For Vehicle Assembly: On Monday, May 11th, identified skilled trades and team members will return to work to prep our facility. These individuals will be contacted by their direct leader on Friday, May 8.

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY: On Monday, May 18th: Start of system fill for prep of regular production • Stamping, Body, and Paint: 1st and 2nd shift team leaders and 1st shift skilled trades will report to work on 1st shift.
• Identified 2nd or 3rd shift skilled trades for stamping, body, and paint will be contacted by their direct leader by Friday, May 15.
• IMN: 1st shift team leaders and 1st shift skilled trades report to work.
• GA: 1st shift skilled trades will report to work.

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY: On Tuesday, May 19th: System fill for prep of regular production

• Stamping, Body and Paint: All 1st shift team members will return to work to begin system fill.

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY: On Tuesday, May 26th: Week of 1st shift production • ALL 1st and 2nd shift GA, Quality, IMN, Fascia Paint team leaders, and 1st shift skilled trades will report to work on 1st shift.
• 1st shift team members for Trim 1,2,3 & 4, IP and Engine Line should report for 1st shift.
• All three shifts for Final Repair should report on their respective shifts.

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY: On Wednesday, May 27th: 1st shift production • ALL remaining 1st shift GA, Quality, IMN, and Fascia Paint team members should report to work.

VEHICLE ASSEMBLY: On Monday, June 1st: 1st and 2nd shift production • All 2nd shift production & skilled trades should report to 2nd shift.
• Identified 3rd skilled trades will be notified to report to work.

GSC/Ryder support will be contacted individually based on the plans above.
At this time, we are still determining our plan for 3rd shift. We will share information as soon as possible.

GPS: Leadership will identify CSS and GenV team leaders, skilled trades, group leaders, and engineering that will return on 5/11 for equipment readiness and validation. PT 1 will be the only entrance into GPS. A full return to work date for all employees has not yet been determined.

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