FRANKLIN, Tenn. (WKRN) — Businesses like dance studios and climbing gyms were allowed to reopen with limited capacity on Friday. The reopening only applied to counties under the jurisdiction of Governor Bill Lee’s “Tennessee Pledge” plan.

The plan lays out several detailed stipulations for business owners to follow.

“It’s an interesting conundrum,” said Newton Dominey, co-owner of The Crag in Franklin. The Crag is an indoor-rock climbing studio that offers things like youth programs and an adult bouldering league. Dominey says they did a deep cleaning before opening their doors for business.

“We did a complete reset here,” said Dominey, “So, every hole that was on the wall, came off the wall. Everything was reset.”

The Crag is also operating by reservation only, walk-ins will not be welcome. Employees must wear masks and sanitation for employees and patrons is mandatory.

“We are asking our climbers to use liquid chalk,” explained Dominey, “The chalk contains alcohol… It’s the best that we can do to try to keep people people’s hands sanitized before they climb.”

DC Dance Factory, also in Franklin, could have opened on Friday as well.

“We’re continuing to wait it out,” said Stephanie Campbell, co-owner of the studio.

They’ve decided the risk is just too high, and the requirements too difficult to enforce.

“Most of these kids love each other so much that even if you told them to stay apart, they would want to run up and hug each other,” said Campbell, “It’s going to take a lot of brainstorming and a lot of re-configuring of how we’re going to do what we normally do.”

Campbell said she and her husband have considered the liability of reopening.

“We’ve even called our insurance company to see what type of liabilities are at hand with the kids coming in, and what type of coverage is required to make sure that you’re not liable if someone gets sick,” said Campbell.

At this point, DC Dance Factory does not have a set date of reopening.