Questions and support about re-opening Tennessee’s economy


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Tennesseans seem to have lots of questions about Governor Bill Lee lifting a stay at home order May 1 and re-opening parts of the state’s economy even before that.

“I think its tough to balance the jobless claims, the record unemployment with the need to social distance so that it gets better in a timely fashion,” said Carson West this past week in downtown Nashville.

It’s the dilemma Governor Lee faces as he’s said there will be a plan later this week to open up some businesses around the state possibly within days.

“Its time,”said Gene Walley as he walked near the state capitol with Gisela Walley.

“We have to re-open the economy because we have to keep moving,” she said.

“I don’t see any reason to continue where this has been,” added Gene.

A few blocks away, Antonio Miller on Nashville’s Church Street said “The numbers seem to getting a little better, so I guess its for the best.”

The numbers, the flattening of the curve for people with COVID-19, is what any state or local leader will tell you about re-opening the economy.

Everyday, Tennesseans are aware of what’s at stake.

“I think it may do more harm than good re-opening too soon,” added Carson West.

Just finding work is so critical to the hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans, scrambling to make ends meet.

“Hopefully it will be over sooner where everybody can get back to our regular lives and support their family,” said Antonio Miller.

 It’s what Tennesseans are thinking about, but at what price?

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