NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — In Davidson County, the COVID-19 virus continues to concentrate in Southeast Nashville where the community has several diverse immigrant populations.

“Heatmaps” released by the Metro Public Health Department show immigrant communities in Southeast Nashville are the most impacted by the coronavirus.

Local and state health officials are working to improve the situation however some Latino organizations say they need help now.

The Tennessee Immigrant and Refugee Rights Coalition laid out some requests in a letter to Governor Bill Lee.

They are asking for more Spanish-speaking healthcare workers, economic relief regardless of immigration status and financial assistance for those under quarantine.

“What we really need is a very prompt response from our government, we need them to remove a lot of barriers that Latinx communities face including fear and discrimination,” explained Lisa Sherman-Nikolaus with the TIRRC.

The TIRRC reports Latinos account for 35% of Tennessee’s COVID-19 cases.

Gov. Lee has not yet responded to the TIRCC’s requests.

The Metro Public Health Department is partnering with organizations to provide resources and education about the virus — even hiring community outreach workers. Click here to learn more.