NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – One of Nashville’s most famous meat & three’s is pivoting their business model. Starting Thursday, Arnold’s Country Kitchen will begin serving dinner and liquor, with brunch to come.

For nearly four decades the Nashville staple has been serving up lunch and only on the weekdays, but now it’s a whole new vibe with “Arnold’s After Dark.”

“This was like opening an entirely new restaurant,” owner Kahlil Arnold explained.

The move comes after a trying year, with business down about 40-percent.

“In order to survive in this pandemic and the growing costs of living in Nashville and operating a business here you know, there is, something that has to be done,” said Arnold.

Instead of closing their doors, the family owned meat ‘n’ three is slinging them open.

“We are trying to pivot and make sure we stay open another 30, 40 years… so why not take a chance.”

Kahlil set out to get their liquor license, built a bar and stocked up on booze.

“We are going to do a bushwhacker machine and a mint julip machine,” he went on showing off the new bar.

Kahlil has also crafted a new nightly menu, putting a twist on some of the restaurants southern staples like the roast beef and chicken fried chicken.

“We are going to be utilizing the smoker a lot and just kind of creating our own rift on bar food,” he said.

Brisket tacos and hot chicken tenders on white bread are some of the new nightly menu options. 

“We are trying to keep as much stuff local as possible, so we are ordering a lot of local.”

The legendary pies and veggies will remain.

“We are keeping our core vegetables. We are going to have our green beans, our turnip greens, our mac ‘n’ cheese will always be here, our white beans. Those will all be on the menu at night, but then we are going to have fries and maybe some buffalo cauliflower added,” said Kahlil.

As for Sunday brunch, he’s digging in to some ole family recipes.

“A lot of stuff my dad did at breakfast back in the 80s. It will be 7 Up pancakes, my Dad’s old recipe so instead of hot chicken and waffles it will be hot chicken and pancakes and stuff like that.”

Shifting the meat & three model they are known for is an investment and a gamble, but the Arnold’s are ready to make new memories within their old walls. 

“I just feel blessed and just super excited about what the next chapter is going to embark upon us, it’s going to be great,” Kahlil proclaimed.

Arnold’s After Dark hours will be Thursday and Friday 5 p.m.-11 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. -11 p.m. and Sunday brunch from 11 a.m. -3 p.m.