NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — An up-and-coming Nashville musician has started a new venture to bring people some joy, while also ensuring his bills are paid amid the coronavirus outbreak that has shut down countless businesses.

Ryan Fine, who moved to Music City from Cincinnati, was voted Best Instrumentalist of 2019 by the readers of the Nashville Scene. Streams of his music on Spotify reached over 250,000 and his career was taking off.

“I had a really good year last year,” Fine said. “ I got a lot of work, so I feel really weird not having any right now.”

As events were cancelled amid concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, Fine found himself without a paying gig. He did some brainstorming and came up with an idea for a new business, where he writes personalized songs.

“I really love writing songs. I can write them on the spot. At gigs, it’s something I do with my band at shows,” Fine explained.

For a price of $50, Fine pens a tune on any topic imaginable, including an anniversary, birthday or other occasion.

“Someone I met at a hot dog stand two years ago wants a song. My elementary school gym teacher wants a song,” Fine explained.

He added, “it’s an overwhelming amount of community coming together in this hard time. No matter if we know each other well or not, they can see that I’m trying to do something special.”

Fine said he plans to continue his new business for the “foreseeable future.” Anyone interested in purchasing a song can visit his website.