Nashville church leader working with high risk teens through pandemic


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Bishop Marcus Campbell has seen what a little bit of love and mentoring can do for the life of a troubled teen.

“We are all here to love each other and help each other, that is the biggest thing,” said Campbell.

COVID-19 has impacted everyday life as we know it, but Bishop Marcus Campbell says it won’t stop him from keeping up with the kids he works with in the G.A.N.G program, also known as “Gentlemen And Not Gangsters.”

“A lot of the kids that are in our G.A.N.G program, Gentlemen and Not Gangsters, we have been doing the Zoom call every Wednesday,” said Campbell.

For years Campbell has spent his time working with Gentlemen and Not Gangsters which is a youth diversion program tied to the juvenile justice center. His work has helped troubled teens get their lives back on track. 

Like many people, Campbell is moving his work online, now hosting Zoom meetings to keep up with his kids.

“You can talk about a lot of things, but actually being there, being able to see what is going on, It’s a different feel, it is a whole different world doing this Zoom,” said Campbell.

Campbell has his concerns, but he knows given the circumstances he has to keep working through the roadblocks.

“Staying in contact with them, continuing to go over things with them like our curriculum, asking them questions about how they are taking it and dealing with the Pandemic,” said Campbell.

Campbell says the interactions are important to ensuring the kids know they are loved and cared about.

For more information about the program, click here.

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