NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — On Saturday, Metro Police said officers issued 18 citations for those without masks on in Downtown Nashville.

In a tweet, police said three people were arrested for mask related violations on Saturday.

According to arrest reports 43-year-old Jesse Burger told officers they would have to take him to jail after refusing to sign a citation. 45-year-old Patrick Walls was removed from Bailey’s Bar and Grill on Broadway for yelling and causing a scene after officers said he refused to put his mask on.

After grabbing the officer’s hand to take back his Florida driver’s license, Walls was taken into custody.

In addition, 27-year-old Deshawn Williams walked away from officers once he learned a citation was being written for not having a mask on, so police said they handcuffed and arrested Williams.
Mayor John Cooper said police’s enforcement of this public health order is important to keeping people safe just like it is in any other situation.

Since Thursday, officers have issued 54 citations for those not following the public health order. Mayor John Cooper said police’s enforcement is for the safety of everyone, just like anything else.

“Currently in the COVID crisis, the role of the police through mask orders aren’t necessarily anyone’s favorite form of enforcement. The reality is the mask orders are not that different from drunk driving enforcement,” Cooper said. “I think that our department is embracing this evolved role for including this kind of public health.”