NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Some parents of Metro Nashville Public Schools students were upset that they will not be able to attend their kids’ sporting events.

MNPS Director Dr. Adrienne Battle announced high school football games start next Friday on September 25, and girls soccer games begin September 23.

The district said fans were not allowed in the stands right now but MNPS will work to live stream the events.

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“We are outdoors on a football sized field. There is plenty of room to socially distance,” said Christi Mayo, whose daughter plays soccer for a Metro high school. “We don’t have a lot of spectators and fans come to girls soccer games. I do believe that the parents are committed to doing what we need to do to see our children get to play and to be there for them and to cheer them on.”

Mayo said she’s also concerned about getting footage at her daughter’s soccer games that could be sent to colleges.

“One of our biggest concerns is the fact that these kids, these athletes, they need film in order to send to colleges so they can potentially get a scholarship and the comment was made about live streaming,” said. “The parents are the ones that get the film at least for the girls soccer team.”

Dr. Battle said cheerleaders and marching bands will be at the games to provide for both social distancing and game-time atmosphere.

“Parents have been emailing saying ‘You know, we’re excited that we’re playing. The students are excited, they’re overwhelmed with happiness that they get a chance to play but here we go again ‘I can’t have my mom and dad there to support me? That’s my lifeline,'” said MNPS District 6 Board Member Fran Bush. “We have minors that are athletes that need their parents there for support and for supervision.”

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