NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — When it comes to COVID-19 and opening a restaurant or business, rules are important.

To continue to operate, these businesses must make sure they are following all the guidelines put out by the city, and so far that has happened.

“With the start of the road map into phase one and then the revision of order four we were really expecting a lot of complaints a lot of calls,” said Metro Health Department spokesperson Brian Todd. “We actually haven’t had as many as we had in previous days or over the past few weeks.”

Out of the 40 complaints they received, half were about masks not being worn in the correct fashion.

“A lot of those it wasn’t that they weren’t not wearing a mask they felt like they weren’t wearing it properly,” said Todd. “If they are wearing a bandana or some kind of facial covering that is something they can use, it doesn’t have to be a surgical mask.”

If a business receives a complaint, the Metro Health Department will follow up.

“Some of those steps would include making sure they are aware, citing them, and of course if it became necessary, look at pulling their permits,” said Todd.

If a business is overcapacity, they could be fined $50 for each person over the limit.

While businesses have complied with the rules so far, the Metro Health Department says it is important to continue to follow the rules so businesses can remain open.

“If we did see another spike we could have to revert back to safer at home the way it was before yesterday,” said Todd.

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