NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Drive-in COVID-19 testing centers across Metro Nashville saw long lines of cars Thursday, the last day to get tested before the New Year.

“Since I was traveling for the holidays, I decided to get checked out,” said Jen Challburg. “And sure enough, I tested positive.”

Challburg spent her Christmas alone and quarantined after that positive result. It was her second positive test since the onset of the pandemic.

“I cried immediately,” Challburg said. “This new variant seems to be something that spreads faster than I think we are even used to the past year or two. So yeah, it’s definitely just a weird time.”

This week, thousands of people have been tested for COVID at Metro testing sites across town. Lines were often long and even spilled into neighboring streets.

“Wild,” Challburg said to describe lines at the 28th Ave testing site. “I didn’t even come to this one when I had to get tested because it was wrapped around the whole…I mean like all the way up there. It looks pretty calm today from what I’ve seen the last couple of weeks.”

Meanwhile, some opted to skip the line and plan to self-test instead.

“I just ordered some tests for myself, so I will have them at home,” said Charlotte West. “If I get any symptoms at all then I’ll test. I don’t have a runny nose. I’m not coughing. I don’t have a sore throat. I don’t have any of that.”

Nonetheless, this holiday season is proving to be far from the norm. Soon, we’ll be in a new year with the same protocols.

“I am always masked when I go in, when I’m with people. Even with my family, I try to mask as well,” West said.

Starting January 3, some jurisdictions plan to expand their free testing. Check with your local city or health department.