Robertson County dairy farm drained by COVID-19 pandemic


ORLINDA, Tenn. (WKRN) — A local dairy farm is among the businesses suffering amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Groves Family Dairy in Orlinda, Tennessee shared a video of the impact on their Facebook page that’s gotten thousands of views. They said it showed $11,200 in raw milk being dumped because their sales have bottomed out.

“We’re being asked why we’re dumping it and I’ll explain why. It’s raw milk. And in the state of Tennessee you cannot sell or donate raw milk. It must be pasteurized milk. And without sales, without us making money, we are unable to process to donate,” Cassie Groves said.

Groves said places like Kroger and Walmart have milk flying off the shelves, but those supplies come from bigger dairy suppliers. Local grocers in Tennessee have limited quantities for Groves Family Dairy because of decreased demand.

“There is no choice because we could chance it and hope for sales and go ahead and bottle it.  Spend the money on the bottle, the label, the jug, the labor, the utilities, everything that it costs to process, but we’ve been having to dump processed milk because people are not buying it in the local grocers,” Groves said.

Groves said it’s crucial that people continue to shop local during this uncertain time, or else family businesses like theirs will not be able to survive for much longer.

“It has really hit us hard. There’s nothing worse as a wife than watching the worry on my husband’s face as he is having to dump that milk,” Groves said.

Groves Family Dairy has a list of places they sell their pasteurized milk on their Facebook page.

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