Large crowds flock to lower Broadway as COVID-19 restrictions loosen


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – This weekend big crowds congregated on Broadway as Nashville entered a new phase of COVID-19 guidelines.

The new guidelines went into effect Monday, which allow bars to operate with 125 people per floor and stay open until 1 a.m. Saturday marked the first weekend where bars could stay open this late since the beginning of the pandemic.

Combine that increased capacity and extended hours with a Predators’ home game and the new Fifth and Broadway development and it will explain why so many folks were out and about on Saturday afternoon.

“We came out early to beat the crowd, but this is the biggest crowd I think I’ve ever seen at this time of day,” Jason Blair said.

“We didn’t realize how packed it was going to be,” Sally Ibehen said.

Masks are still required when walking on Lower Broadway and inside establishments, unless you are seated and eating or drinking. Not everyone followed the rules, but don’t forget Metro Police are still handing out citations for violators.

The party busses and large crowds created mixed opinions on Saturday. Some folks were happy to see people back out and about in Music City, while others were a little more hesitant.

“It gets the tourist industry back going again. Which we’ve been hurt so bad locally at this time. So this is such a huge deal for the community that it does make me feel good from that aspect for sure,” Blair said.

“A lot of people forget but were still in a pandemic. I understand people [are] trying to be out. We just wish everybody would mask up,” Ibehen said.

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