LONDON, Ky. (WATE) — For three days, a gas station in Kentucky has been packed with customers trying to take the opportunity to fill their gas tanks at 99 cents a gallon.

Customers, waiting in their vehicles, formed constantly flowing lines at the Spur Oil No. 7 gas station.

“I’m filling up as long as I can. Like it’s, it’s super cheap,” Jack McArdale.

The gas station is offering cheap gas to help in recent hard times caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Our community is struggling and we’re a poor community anyway, and now that no one is able to go to work, we have a lot of waitresses local and stuff that aren’t even allowed to work now, so our boss was just trying to give everyone the opportunity to at least to be able to afford some gas,” said employee Jennifer Johnson.

The gas station has recently cut back on its services, no longer allowing dine-in and limiting the number of people in the game room.

“We did run out this morning about 8 o’clock for about an hour, but if we do run our, it’s usually no more than an hour,” Johnson said.

Those who normally come to the gas station say it’s never as busy as it has been the last few days, but they support the message while also trying to stay healthy.

“Wear them on special things you know, like uh situations where you don’t know where the uh money’s been and how many hands have been here and been there especially during this pandemic of the uh virus,” said customer Mike Robinson.

Jennifer Johnson says she’s happy to be working at a gas station willing to help any way they can. They aren’t trying to cut competition, they are just trying to share some love, she said.

“Everyone’s like, ‘is it a gas war?’ No, it’s not a gas war at all. It is strictly just trying to help, wanting to help. That’s all it is,” Johnson said.

The gas station employee also sharing that they have trucks constantly coming to keep the pumps full, so even though you might see a long line, you’ll still be able to get some 99-cent gas.