Hendersonville Fire Halls and Police Department receive deep clean amid COVID-19


HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — First responders in Hendersonville have a little more peace of mind thanks to a local company that spent the day deep cleaning emergency equipment and fire halls free of charge.

News 2 caught up with the ServPro team at Hendersonville Fire House 3. That’s where we spoke with Division Chief Gabe Hannah about deep clean and the rigors of the job over this last month.

“It weighs heavily on our minds especially with the possibility of taking this home to our family. that is what nobody wants to do is take it home to our family. or bring it back and share it with people here,” said Hannah.

The ServPro team consisted of seven people who geared up like a germ-fighting SWAT unit.

They put on masks, gloves, Tyvex suits, respirators and booties. Then, they entered the fire hall and sprayed inside trucks and common areas. The crew wiped down the surfaces that included dashboards and door handles.

According to the ServPro web site, the spray the men used is a CDC-recommended hospital-grade disinfectant that has proven effective in fighting pathogens similar to the coronavirus.

The job is a big one and ServPro is doing it free of charge. It’s an act of kindness not lost on the men and women on the front lines in Hendersonville.

“It gives us a great peace of mind that we can come back to a clean environment that’s been decontaminated and we know when here, and if we take precautions on scene, decontamination before we come back, we are coming back to a nice clean area we can have confidence in and relaxation in,” said Hannah.

City leaders tell News 2 that all six fire halls in the city will be decontaminated. So too will police properties and offices associated with the parks department.

Hannah says firefighters have two families, the ones at home and the ones they spend 24 hours a day with in the fire hall.

For that reason, he says the deep clean by ServPro is greatly appreciated.

“Absolutely! They are coming in to use their expertise to clean this area, so it gives a peace of mind to us. And the other people who work out of these halls that they are coming to a clean environment to start the day with. It’s a small melting pot we have here. With everyone coming together, those out on days off being exposed and then coming back and then everyone here is in close proximity.”

Hannah tells News 2 the coronavirus has changed everything. Wrecks are way down and medical calls, while not any more frequent, are now much more intense.

“They don’t treat the call different, but they maintain more caution how they interact with the patient,” said Hannah.

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