NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Local grocery store officials told News 2 they’re feeling the impact of COVID-19.

News 2 reached out to a number of different local stores. The manager of the Whole Foods in Green Hills said their suppliers are having issues. He said they’re having trouble keeping paper towels, hand sanitizer and toilet paper on the shelves. Their store is currently open during normal business hours, but he said that could change at any moment.

A Publix representative said their teams are working diligently to make daily deliveries to their stores in order to restock essential items. Inventory levels will vary store to store depending on delivery times and customer shopping habits. In addition, stores may have additional limits based on their store demand.

Officials said they will continue to follow CDC guidance and evaluate policies.

News 2 also spoke with Kroger Spokesperson, Melissa Eads. Eads said since Thursday, their stores have seen a heavy increase in customers and how much customers are buying. Officials estimate that most customers are buying maybe five times what they normally buy. Eads said that’s made it very difficult to keep shelves stocked. Officials continue to work across the entire company to make sure that stores can get product and get them on the shelves as quickly as possible.