Doctor debunks common COVID-19 vaccine myths


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — As department chair of OBGYN at TriStar Centennial Medical Center, Dr. Nicole Heidemann deals with a variety of patients. And, like clockwork, the topic of COVID-19 comes up.

“It’s a question across the board from patients, their husbands, [and] their loved ones. Do I get the vaccine? Do I not get the vaccine? And, is the vaccine safe?” says Heidemann.

With so much misinformation Dr. Heidemann understands, but she’s concerned.

“It is very worrisome, for me, that people would choose not to get vaccinated based on knowledge that doesn’t have true scientific substance to it.”

She’s tackling the tall tales she knows aren’t true.

“Alright everybody,” Heidemann says, “Here’s the skinny on COVID. Here’s the skinny on the vaccine. Go out and share the news.”

FALSE: The mRNA vaccine was made too quickly to trust.

“After SARS is when they started to look into the mRNA technology. So, the data and the science has been around for a long time,” explains Dr. Heidemann.

FALSE: The vaccine will give me covid.

“We’re not putting virus into our bodies. We’re not putting attenuated virus in our bodies. We’re putting really a blueprint into our body, so that our body can make antibodies that can go out and teach ourselves how to fight against that virus.”

FALSE: The COVID-19 vaccine causes infertility.

“There’s no evidence to support infertility in any way,” Heidemann says.

If you have lingering questions reach out to your doctor.

“As a healthcare provider, we’ve researched the data. We feel really good about this, and we are getting these vaccines,” explains Dr. Heidemann. “We want you to get these vaccines and feel good about it too.”

Earlier Tuesday, the World Health Organization published the following update:
“While pregnancy puts women at a higher risk of severe COVID-19, the use of this vaccine in pregnant women is currently not recommended, unless they are at risk of high exposure (e.g. health workers).”

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