NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Metro officers were out Saturday afternoon stopping anyone they see without a mask on and informing them of the city’s mandatory mask mandate.

The scene looked incredibly different Friday night, however. Video taken by a woman downtown provided to News 2 shows hundreds of people lining the streets waiting to get into bars, many of which were not wearing masks.

What is interesting about the video is that Nashville Mayor John Cooper ordered bars to close and remain closed until at least the end of the month. Bars can only operate if they make most of their income off of food, and with that at half capacity.

The majority of those out on Lower Broadway that News 2 spoke with on Saturday afternoon said they were visiting and did not even know that the city even had a mask mandate.

“Oh no, we didn’t know.” said Brad Jarvis and Tom Luce who are visiting Nashville.

When we told Jarvis and Luce that they technically can’t be on the street without them, they informed us that they have their masks with them and they started wearing them.

Nashville Mayor John Cooper also ordered transpotainment to stop on Friday evening including pedal taverns and carriages. However, several party buses continued to operate on Lower Broadway on Saturday afternoon because they don’t fall under the order if they’re over 10,000 pounds.

Metro Police tell News 2 that they are not giving out actual citations for not wearing masks.