COVID-19 survivor describes sleepless nights battling the virus


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — A Franklin woman made the call to remove herself from her family when she felt like she was getting sick. Turns out she was right. 

Thursday, Rhiannon Clarke celebrated three weeks fever free.    

“The first thing I wanted to do was go for a walk with my husband, and I was so grateful,” Clarke says.   

Perspective and prayer, along with incredible support inside the walls of her home, Clarke, once positive with COVID-19 is a survivor, a success story to be shared. 

“I feel like most everybody is a little bit scared right now. I wanted to be looking at the kids eye to eye, telling them everything is going to be okay.” 

The onset of her symptoms came March 12. Before receiving a positive test she self-quarantined.  

“My husband camped out in my living room on the sofa,” says Clarke. “I went to the bedroom where I ended up staying isolated from my family for next 10 days.” 

Clarke spent those days, physically alone. She faced-timed with her kids, saw them only through the window of her bedroom. 

At her worst, she battled congestion and a cough, a fever and headache so strong, it robbed her of sleep.  

“I couldn’t get a lot of rest, it was so intense my fever got up to 104, and my head would be pounding.”  

A number of times she thought she turned a corner, but the virus persisted. 

Eventually, it would let up. Clarke explains, she made the right choice to isolate and hopes others do their part. 

“There’s a lot of people that are really sick with it in the hospitals, and it’s just best that we follow the guidelines authorities have given us right now, and we stay home,” she says. 

Because even during the toughest stretches, she chooses to find the positive. 

“There’s so much hard, but the good we are finding, man I’ve got three teenagers who are home with me right now. We are really soaking that up,” says Clarke. “I just think when we look for it, there is a lot of good we can find in this situation as well.” 

Clarke doesn’t know how she contracted the virus. 

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