Clarksville mom considered giving up her baby due to unemployment


CLARKSVILLE, Tenn, (WKRN)– Clarksville mother Maria Mohary is one of many Tennesseans facing unemployment during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

Eight weeks ago, Mohary lost her job as a delivery driver and says she’s still waiting on unemployment. Since then, she’s also added to her family with her 10-day-old baby Lucille Rose. Mohary shared her heartbreaking story at an unemployment town hall hosted by the Tennessee House Democratic Caucus last Friday.  

“I even considered bringing my baby to a fire station. people try to help but they keep saying there’s a hold up there’s a hold up. we’re going to starve,” Mohary said. “I go to the food pantry, i worry about my prescriptions. I worry if my only mode of transportation is going to get taken because my premature baby has to go to the doctor.”  

Since then, Mohary says she’s seen an outpouring of support, donations and baby supplies.  

“As a parent you start doubting yourself, you start wondering am I even good enough to take care of this child?” Mohary said. “You worry about not being able to provide and what if your child gets taken because you can’t provide?” 

Mohary isn’t keeping all the donations to herself. Anything extra she receives, she’s sharing with other moms. 

“With things that we’ve either double or triple of or you know things that might not necessarily work for our family, we have given to other families,” Mohary said. “I just had a lady come pick up a couple of extra baby things that were given to me.” 

Her biggest piece of advice to other parents is to pray and not be afraid to ask for help.  

Mohary is accepting donations through Venmo. You can donate to her handle @Maria-Mohary-1 in the Venmo app.  

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