City setting up community assessment center to test for COVID-19


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The mayor’s COVID-19 Task Force is setting up community assessment centers to provide more testing centers in Nashville.

So far, they are preparing to open the first which will be just off Murfreesboro Rd.

These centers will be set up to test people who are showing symptoms of COVID-19, they will also help ease the number of people showing up to hospitals.

“The way you overwhelm the system is people don’t practice social distancing and all these practices we have talked about, a bunch of people become infected and if the surge of people that need urgent medical care hits our hospital system and they just can’t take care of it,” said Dr. Alex Jahangir who oversees the city’s COVID-19 Task Force.

How will these assessment centers work?

First, you should call the city’s COVID-19 hotline and speak with a medical professional about the symptoms you might be experiencing.

“If you come here you might be exposed to people who have COVID-19 and you don’t want to get COVID-19 so step one is to call the hotline,” said Dr. Jahan.

Next, if you are believed to be at risk, you will go to one of the assessment centers where you will be evaluated by another medical professional. When you drive up you will see a tent where a medical professional will speak to you about what is going on. 

If they believe you might have the virus they will then give you another more in-depth assessment.

From there, if you show symptoms or the medical professional believes you should move on, you will drive to the next location, which is all inside the same lot, here you will be tested.

“You have a healthcare system out there now use it,” said Dr. Jahangir. “We are just giving you an additional thing to try to lessen the burden on some of those systems.”

All the major local healthcare providers will be involved in helping staff the centers and administering the tests according to Dr. Jahangir. There is no estimate on how many people they’ll be able to accommodate at each center at this time.

The testing center on Murfreesboro Rd is expected to open within the next few days.

More testing centers are expected to open soon, details about those locations have not been released at this time.

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