NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — There are no days off for Metro Police as they continue to work through the pandemic.

“We are still here to serve the citizens of Nashville and we are not going to let the Pandemic stop that,” said Det. Pete Dusche with the Metro Police Department’s Midtown Precinct. “Even though people might be responsible and staying at home during the pandemic for health reasons or because of orders there are still people out there committing crimes.”

Even with a pandemic, criminals are still breaking into vehicles and even stealing them.

A review of stolen vehicle reports in Nashville from May 3 through May 9 shows that 50 vehicles were stolen across the county. A closer look shows that 68% of those stolen vehicles had keys left inside.

“Lock your doors secure your valuables obviously including firearms,” said Dusche.

Midtown precinct reported an almost 24% increase in stolen vehicles last week. They are also seeing an increase in vehicle break-ins.

“Midtown specifically we have had 75 guns,” said Dusche, “75 firearms taken from vehicles in Midtown alone.”

In all, Davidson County has had 261 guns taken from vehicles so far this year. Those firearms can be hard to recover and sometimes end up in other states, or even used in other crimes.

“Don’t try to handle the situation yourself,” said Dusche. “Just be a good set of eyes for us with that camera and video and pass it along to us so we can investigate it.”

Metro Police say there have been 80 vehicles burglarized in the last two weeks in West Nashville.