NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – Sending a big congratulations and a thank you to all of the students who participated and donated to our News 2 Food 2 Families School Food Drive.

For 37-years, food collected has stayed in each school’s community going to either local food pantries, school food pantries or Second Harvest

Last year’s Food 2 Families School Food Drive collected more than 360,000 pounds of food to help Middle Tennessee families in need.

Elementary, middle and high schoolers collected canned goods and other non-perishable food again this year, competing to see who can collect the most. 

This year Food 2 Families had 29,365 students from 39 schools participate with a total of 301,224 items donated, including $17,883!

Our total winners are…
1)      Lascassas 12,374 items, 22.5 items per student
2)      Percy Priest 5,721 items, 11.4 items per student
3)      The Discovery School 2,141 items, 10.1 items per student
1)      St. Bernard 5,000 items, 13 items per student
2)      Currey Ingram 1,871 items, 7.2 items per student
3)      Cooptertown 2,402 items, 4.9 per student
1)      Montgomery Bell 76,420 items, 96.2 items per student
2)      Hendersonville 60,289 items, 41.6 items per student
3)      Gallatin 41,286 items, 23.6 items per student

Schools that collected the most food per capita can won cash prizes underwritten by Cornerstone Financial Credit Union.

The prizes are as followed:

  • $1,000 for the top three high schools
  • $500 for the top three middle schools
  • $500 for the top elementary schools

Hunger affects one in six children in Middle Tennessee impacting a child’s health, how they perform in school and even their self-esteem. It’s why News 2 started the Food 2 Families School Food Drive.