Every morning greeting of a scholar is full of purpose at Purpose Prep.

“It is important that we make sure that they are ready to learn. We greet them knowing their name and acknowledging them and letting them know that we are excited that they are in our school,” said Lagra Newman, Head of School at Purpose Prep.

“We check their behavior from the previous days to continue to motivate them. If they did well, we want them to have an even better day today. If they struggled the day before, we want to encourage them and talk about ways that they can be their best selves. This builds confidence which continues during morning circle, where scholars practice what they’re learning collectively,” said Newman.

All this, coupled with a rigorous engaging curriculum, showcases why Purpose Prep is ranked in the top five percent of Tennessee schools for academic performance among other achievements.

Purpose prep’s success is anchored in part because of its approach to phonics — the foundation of its successful literacy program.

“We teach phonics at Purpose Prep in a strategic way. We do it in a way that meets scholars where they are. It’s fast-paced, it’s rhythmic because it helps students retain the information they’re learning,” said Courtney Brooks.

“The rhythmic, joyful way that we teach reading here at Purpose Prep empowers and engages our scholars to read at and above their grade level. That transfers across all contents areas and supports their success across every subject,” said Newman.

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