The Tennessee Education Lottery is game changing fun for those who play and win.

The lottery was founded in 2004 and in the 18-years since its inception, it has raised more than $6.5 billion for education programs. More than 1.7 million lottery funded scholarships and grants have been awarded to Tennessee students. That means each year around 150,000 students benefit from any of fourteen scholarship and grant programs that are available to them.

“But what’s most fun is that with every ticket you buy, education wins,” says Rebecca Paul, President and CEO of the Tennessee Education Lottery.

“Well that $6 billion has meant over one-and-a-half million scholarships and grants that, you know, benefits about 150,000 students every year in one of the fourteen programs that we fund. Obviously the one we’re most known for is Hope Scholarships,” Paul tells News 2. “We also fund Tennessee Promise, Tennessee Reconnect, and Dual Enrollment programs. We fund after school programs with our unclaimed prizes. We fund some very unique smaller programs like Helping Heroes where if you’ve been in active military duty and you come back to Tennessee, and you skipped going to college out of high school, you can still earn a Hope Scholarship when you come back.”

Paul says nothing is more important to a person than an education, as someone who has a bachelor’s and masters degree in education herself.

“If you can teach students how to learn and give them the benefit of that education that can change their life forever. Nothing changes your life more than a good education,” says Paul. “You know what’s really exciting, when education wins, students win.”

Visit the lottery’s website to learn more about education and monetary support opportunities.