2 Gives Back: Franklin County Sheriff’s Department

2 Gives Back

WINCHESTER, Tenn. (WKRN) – On Wednesday, News 2 went to Winchester, Tennessee, to take the Franklin County Sheriff’s Department lunch as a “thank you” for all of their hard work.

Tims Ford Lake is a popular spot in Franklin County that is frequented by many people each season.

The lake season is wrapping up a little later than normal this year due to the lingering summer-like temperatures.

“If you’re on the water, please wear your life jacket,” Sgt. Chris Guess stressed. “If you’re not from this area and you got out to the lake, talk to people who are familiar with the lake so you know kind of the dos and don’ts. Just be as safe as you can. We want everybody to have a good time. We want everybody to come to Franklin County and enjoy what we have to offer recreation wise, but we also want everybody to be safe and leave with a good feeling about Franklin County.”

Guess also reminded Franklin County to be smart during the upcoming holidays, especially if they are going to be away on vacation.

“We always try to remind people during those times of the year when they leave and go on vacation to please be secure with your homes, please be secure with your property, don’t make things any more accessible to people. We always try to remind people of that. “

“Be secure in your property. It can be things as simple as locking your door when you leave home. If you have trailers, chain them up and lock them, lawnmowers, keep them inside a garage, or some kind of building with a lock. We’ve had problems with that – we’ve had problems with lawnmowers, trailers, equipment, chainsaws, anything that’s left accessible are what we’d call a target. If it’s easy, people will take advantage of it. That’s what we’re trying to remind people to do – don’t make it so easy for someone who would take your property. That tends to deter them a little bit more.”

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