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AesculaTech to Showcase HUMIDIFEYE® Dry Eye Device at the Ophthalmology Innovation Summit XIII


LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, November 20, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- AesculaTech, Inc. today announced that its cutting-edge dry eye device, HUMIDIFEYE®, will be presented during the Innovation Showcase at the highly anticipated Ophthalmology Innovation Summit (OIS) XIII on December 1, 2023 in San Diego, CA.

“The OIS is renowned for fostering meaningful advancements in eye care, and this provides us with an unparalleled platform to showcase our groundbreaking treatment for dry eye, HUMIDIFEYE®,” said Niki Bayat, PhD, CEO and co-founder of AesculaTech. “We’re thrilled to participate and look forward to sharing the unique attributes of HUMIDIFEYE®, top-line results from our clinical trial, and the recent progress made by the company.”

HUMIDIFEYE® is a novel, physician-friendly, one-size-fits all device that deploys a temperature-responsive hydrogel with the push of a button. Once in the tear duct, the liquid hydrogel adapts to patient anatomy and transforms into a soft solid, providing a fast and comfortable solution for dry eye disease (DED).

In a first-in-human study, HUMIDIFEYE® demonstrated a rapid improvement in both the signs and symptoms of DED in as early as 2 weeks, with efficacy observed through 3 months. HUMIDIFEYE® has the potential to bring immediate and sustainable relief to millions of patients with DED who are in need of innovative and effective treatment options beyond over the counter lubricants.

“The AesculaTech team has put significant effort into developing a new paradigm for punctal occlusion,” said Dr. Douglas Devries, co-founder of Eye Care Associates of Nevada and Associate Clinical Professor of Optometry. “I’m encouraged by the results of the study and eager to offer this adaptable device to my patients. HUMIDIFEYE® represents a significant advancement in revolutionizing our treatment approach for dry eye disease.”

Presenter: Rahul Janardhanan, Product Development Engineer
Session: Innovation Showcase
Date and Time: Friday December 1, 12:40 PM PT
Location: Omni San Diego Hotel

A video recording of the presentation will be made available two weeks after the event via the OIS website.

The HUMIDIFEYE® device offers personalized occlusion for tear retention by delivering a proprietary temperature-sensitive hydrogel using a sterile, disposable, one-size-fits all, micro-volume autoinjector. Administered as a liquid, the hydrogel adapts to patient anatomy and transitions into a non-degradable flexible solid at body temperature. HUMIDIFEYE® can be easily removed using a saline syringe.

In a study of 44 eyes, HUMIDIFEYE® demonstrated an 86% average reduction in DED symptoms as measured by the Ocular Surface Disease Index score, a 72% average reduction in total corneal fluorescein staining as measured by National Eye Institute/Industry grading scale, a 153% average increase in tear volume based on Schirmer’s I Test with anesthesia, and an overall improvement in patient quality of life parameters. AesculaTech is moving towards HUMIDIFEYE® market clearance in 2024.

To learn more about HUMIDIFEYE®, visit www.aesculatech.com/meet-humidifeye

About AesculaTech, Inc.
AesculaTech is a private company focused on building better lives through custom chemistry. Founded by University of Southern California researchers in 2016, AesculaTech’s platform technology utilizes a proprietary smart material to develop biomedical and consumer products that are engineered to be adaptable and responsive.

For more information, please visit: www.aesculatech.com

Mary Miller
MH Medical Communications

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