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Tao Climate Launches Revolutionary Air Travel Carbon Footprint Calculator Tool


Tao Climate's vision of a sustainable aviation future for everyone

Tao Climate Green Age of Aviation Customer Badge

Tao Climate Green Age of Aviation Customer Badge

Air travel carbon emissions infographic

Understanding air travel carbon emissions

Now, airline passengers can easily measure their carbon footprint responsibility, and take action to offset it with Hemp Carbon Credits

DUBLIN, DUBLIN, IRELAND, November 21, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Tao Climate, a leading sustainability company, has announced the release of its latest tool - a comprehensive air travel carbon footprint calculator. This innovative tool, available at https://taoclimate.com/offset-flights/, aims to provide users with a better understanding of their carbon footprint when travelling by air.

The flight carbon footprint calculator is designed to give users an accurate estimate of their carbon emissions based on the type of aircraft they are flying on. This includes short- and long-haul commercial flights, regional flights, and even private jets. By simply inputting their flight duration, users will receive a breakdown of their carbon footprint, including the amount of carbon dioxide emitted and the equivalent number of Hemp Carbon Credits needed to offset it.

But Tao Climate doesn't stop there. In addition to providing valuable information, the company also offers a unique solution to offset carbon emissions - Hemp Carbon Credits. These credits are generated through the cultivation of hemp, a plant known for its ability to rapidly absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. The captured carbon is then used to build sustainable housing and infrastructure. By purchasing these credits, users can effectively offset their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.

"We are thrilled to launch our air travel carbon footprint calculator tool and Hemp Carbon Credits. As air travel continues to be a growing contributor to carbon emissions, we believe individuals must have a better understanding of their climate impact and take action to offset it. Our goal is to make sustainable air travel accessible and achievable for everyone, with our Hemp Carbon Credits offering a measurable, effective and real-time mechanism for action," said Gary Byrnes, CEO of Tao Climate.

With the release of this new tool, Tao Climate is taking a decisive step towards a greener future. By empowering individuals to make informed decisions and providing them with a simple and effective solution, the company hopes to inspire a positive change in the way we travel. Visit https://taoclimate.com/offset-flights/ to calculate your air travel carbon footprint and offset it with Hemp Carbon Credits.


About Tao Climate
Tao Climate is a proud member of the Google Startups for Sustainable Development program, and is building a global industrial hemp grower network to capture CO2 at scale and use the carbon to build sustainable housing where it's needed. Tao Climate partners with airlines all over the world as Channel Sales Partners for the company's unique, measurable and effective Hemp Carbon Credits, a new product category in the climate action space. Airline partners can generate significant ancillary revenues by selling effective Carbon Credits to passengers. Tao Climate's innovative business model also enables the company's partners to profit from the achievement of sustainability goals. We call it RoS - Return on Sustainability, with a net benefit to the airline's bottom line, while effectively managing its carbon footprint. Our mission is to deliver the Green Age of Aviation, within our vision of a sustainable world where the climate crisis is just a bad memory of how we almost blew it. Learn more and join us at www.taoclimate.com. Registered in Ireland, EU.

Gary Byrnes
Tao Climate Limited
+353 87 249 3051

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