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Drone Legends Unveils FPV Initiator - Precision Drone Piloting

FPV Initiator Precision Drone Piloting Program

FPV Initiator Precision Drone Piloting Program

New Program Equips Students with Technical Skills and Career Readiness using Drone Technology

FPV Initiator is the immersive, STEM-based, real-world skills-building program we have been seeking for our students. We can’t wait to introduce our students to the world of precision drone piloting!”
— Saori Jansen
CHERRY HILL, NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, September 19, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Introducing FPV Initiator - Precision drone pilot training for middle school and high school students. A program from Drone Legends, FPV Initiator is tailored to instill students with the thrill of drone racing while equipping them with vital skills needed to thrive in tomorrow’s careers.

FPV - Dive Into Precision Piloting
FPV (First Person View) training takes flying drones to the next level. With VR goggles on, student pilots experience the sensation of being inside the drone, offering an immersive experience like no other. The 12-lesson program is meticulously designed to make students and teachers familiar with drones, covering everything from drone safety and flight mechanics to radio control.

Course Highlights Include:
Pilot’s Prelude: Grasp FPV Drone Basics
Dialing in Control: Understanding RC Setup & Configuration
First Flight, New Heights: Dive into Real Life FPV Drone Racing
Mind over Motors: Navigate Nerves in Your Inaugural FPV Heat
“We couldn’t be more excited to launch FPV Initiator,” said Scott Buell, Founder and CEO of Drone Legends. “Until today, our programs were aimed at grades 4-8, but the clamor for drone programs for older students was just too loud to ignore. The educators we’ve talked to over the last year are excited to see how we are going to create a drone curriculum that matches the educational value and fun of our flagship product, STEM Fundamentals.”

Everything You Need, Right Out of the Box
With FPV Initiator, educators receive an extensive kit, including Orqa FPV One Race goggles, drones, and accessories, course materials like mini arch gates and race flags, curriculum handbooks, and access to an online curriculum. Plus, educators benefit from unlimited professional development live via Zoom, and access to the Drone Legends LMS and the SkyDive drone flight simulator.

School districts like Fresno Unified School District have already started to implement the new program. IT Director, Saori Jansen of Fresno Unified School District explains, “The FPV Initiator program is the immersive, STEM-based, real-world skills-building program we have been seeking for our secondary students. We can’t wait to introduce our students to the world of precision drone piloting!”

More Than Just a Racing Course
FPV Initiator goes beyond racing. It's a transformative educational experience, aligning with key academic standards like Career Ready Practices (CRP), International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). Drone Legends ensures students aren't just enjoying the ride; they're acquiring future-ready skills.

Learn More about FPV
To learn more about FPV Initiator, visit https://dronelegends.com/fpv-initiator/ and schedule a demo.

About Drone Legends
Drone Legends stands as a testament to relentless curiosity, passion, and innovation. Believing in a world without boundaries, Drone Legends pioneers groundbreaking drone education that fosters fearlessness in young learners. Their standards-aligned curriculum extends beyond classrooms, making learning with drones a weekend adventure, an after-school thrill, or a seasonal enrichment program.

Experience the exhilarating world of drone piloting with FPV Initiator - where cutting-edge tech meets comprehensive academic learning.

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