California Regional MLS and CubiCasa Announce Floor Plan Partnership

Largest MLS in the United States Will Offer CubiCasa's Easy-to-Use Floor Plan Creation Tools to its More Than 110,000 Users

SAN JOSE, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 19, 2023 / CubiCasa, a leading global real estate software company, has announced a partnership with California Regional MLS (CRMLS), the largest MLS in the United States. This collaboration will provide CubiCasa's user-friendly floor plan creation tools to the more than 110,000 CRMLS users.

Research from the National Association of Realtors® annual Home Buyers and Sellers Survey revealed that consumers consider floor plans the most desirable data asset for a home listing - after the standard photos and property data. With this new partnership, CRMLS and CubiCasa will deliver more value to consumers through digital floor plans, and help create a more organized and transparent real estate market.

Art Carter, CEO of CRMLS, highlighted the benefits of the partnership: "We strongly believe that floor plans create a better home buying experience for consumers and provide valuable data to the MLS compilation. With our CubiCasa partnership, we can influence market adoption of floor plans thanks to their easy-to-use technology and valuable data outputs."

With the goal of enhancing every U.S. listing with accurate floor plans, CubiCasa's MLS Partnership Program now boasts 30 participating companies. Alongside CRMLS, other notable MLSs in the program include the Bright MLS, the Houston Association of Realtors, and Georgia MLS. Subscribers to MLSs in the program receive special access to free floor plans, discounts on add-on features, and access to a network of real estate photographers who are already actively using CubiCasa in their shoots.

"The team at CRMLS is extremely innovative and forward-looking, and we are excited to be working alongside them in creating a better home buying experience," said Jeff Allen, President of CubiCasa. "This partnership will accelerate CubiCasa towards its ultimate goal of getting a floor plan on every listing in the United States."

CubiCasa also recently announced a nationwide partnership with RE/MAX, the launch of a Preferred Photographer program, and the release of innovative new 3D Floor Plan products that provide a more elevated and immersive view of the home. To learn more about CubiCasa, visit

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Headquartered in Finland, CubiCasa is the global market leader in mobile indoor scanning and is known for its fast and easy-to-use floor plan app. CubiCasa's technology is used in 172 different countries and has helped create over 1 million floor plans to date. CubiCasa provides technology for the real estate, appraisal, and mortgage industries and is on a mission to digitize real estate. Learn more at


California Regional MLS is the nation's largest and most recognized subscriber-based MLS, dedicated to servicing more than 110,000 real estate professionals from dozens of Associations, Boards, and MLS organizations. CRMLS is the industry powerhouse and thrives on providing the most relevant products and services to its subscribers.

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