Track enthusiasts are now spoiled for choice as several automakers have launched track cars based on their successful race cars.

Hot on the heels of Ferrari launching a track car based on its Le Mans-winning 499P, Mercedes-Benz AMG has launched a track car based on its GT2 race car, which itself is based on the AMG GT coupe.

AMG’s track car goes by the name GT2 Pro, and it is even more extreme than its race car counterpart due to the lack of regulations it has to meet.

In both cases a twin-turbocharged 4.0-liter V-8 sits under the hood, though instead of the race car’s peak output of 697 hp, the track car comes with a Push to Pass system that temporarily boosts output to 740 hp.

Both cars also share a 6-speed sequential transmission mounted at the rear axle, but the track car has modified gear ratios that allow the engine to rev longer and deliver more power.

The track car’s aerodynamics have also been honed to generate more downforce than the race car. One specific modification is a rear wing with much larger endplates. The track car also sports four-way adjustable dampers instead of the race car’s three-way units.

The price of the GT2 Pro is set at 479,000 euros (approximately $509,000). Buyers also have priority for AMG-organized track events, one of which is a new AMG Racing Series that will take place at famous European racetracks and provide participants with access to an engineer and driving coaches. The first AMG Racing Series event runs in November at the Circuit Ricardo Tormo near Valencia, Spain.

The GT2 Pro is likely to be the last version of the outgoing GT. The GT’s successor, the 2+2 GT Coupe, was revealed in August and speeds into showrooms in the first half of 2024. A racing version hasn’t been announced but could arrive in the next 12-18 months.

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