(iSeeCars) — One of the key factors to consider when purchasing an electric car is its long-range capabilities.

This is the maximum driving range an electric vehicle can go on a single charge. Although most of us don’t drive hundreds of miles every day and deplete a full charge, no one wants to worry about running out of juice and not being able to find a place to plug in.

This concern around this issues is such that the EPA includes estimated range figures in its fuel economy evaluations for electric cars, although what you achieve in real-world driving may vary.

The constant expansion of the charging network makes it easier than ever to find a convenient charger, and the time it takes to fully charge an electric car is also improving. Electric vehicles also include infotainment systems with features that help make it easy to track your range and locate a charging station.

Gone are the days when there were only a few electric cars for sale. Today there are dozens of electric vehicles to choose from with a wide range of options from minimalist to luxurious.

Electric car powertrains include single-motor options with front-wheel drive or rear-wheel drive and dual-motor options with all-wheel drive for slippery/snowy roads. Some electric cars have three electric motors for more advanced AWD capability, which delivers improved handling over FWD or RWD models.

Whether you want a luxury sedan, hatchback, crossover, entry-level compact car, or even a pickup truck, there’s an electric vehicle with an increasingly long driving range out there for you. Here we break down the longest-range electric cars you can buy both new and used along with pricing. We even take a peek at future electric cars due over the coming months and years.

New EVs with the Longest Range 

There are some electric cars with very low ranges. These include the Mazda MX-30, which has only 100 miles of range and the MINI Hardtop 2-Door, which gets 110 miles on a full charge. These cars have smaller battery packs, which makes them a challenge if you’re planning a road trip. Most new electric vehicles, however, get over 200 miles of range per charge, with a wide spread of price points and maximum range figures so you don’t have to worry as much about finding a place to plug-in. Note that some electric cars have both standard range and long range batteries so you can get a range version that best suits your needs

Sitting at the top of the range list for new electric vehicles is the luxurious Lucid Air sedan. It starts at $139,000 with a range of up to 520 miles on a single charge for the Lucid Air Dream Edition. If you want something with a long range and the performance specs of a sports car, you can’t beat the Lucid Air. The Tesla Model S ranks second with an EPA-estimated 405 miles of driving range with dual-motor all-wheel drive version, while the performance-oriented Plaid with 1020 horsepower has a maximum 396 miles of range There’s also the luxurious Mercedes EQS, which delivers a range of 350 miles. If you’re in the market for a truck, then the fullsize 320-mile Ford F-150 Lightning with its extended-range battery pack, or mid-size Rivian R1S with its 303 miles per charge, should be on your list. If a premium-branded full-size truck is more to your liking there’s the GMC Hummer, which gets 329 miles per charge. The Tesla Model X gets the top spot for an electric SUV with 348 miles of range while the more affordable Kia EV6 is the crossover with the longest range at 310 miles per charge. If you want more of a sports car with an electric motor and a long range, there’s the Ford Mustang Mach-E electric SUV with 312 miles of range per charge. Here’s the full breakdown of new electric cars and their ranges so you can avoid range anxiety.

New EVs with the Longest Range
RankElectric VehicleMax EV RangeMin EV RangeHP RangeTorque RangeMSRP 
1Lucid Air520471800-1080620-738$139,000-$169,000
2Tesla Model S405396670-1020723-1050$99,490-$134,490
3Tesla Model 3358272201-450258-471$46,490-$58,990
4Mercedes-Benz EQS 450350340329-516419-631$102,310-$119,110
5Tesla Model X348333670-1020310-531$110,490-$125,490
6Tesla Model Y330303346-450389-471$58,990-$63,990
7GMC HUMMER EV3293291000-100011,500$108,700
8BMW iX324324516-516564$83,200
9Ford F-150 Lightning320230563-563775$39,974-$90,874
10Rivian R1T314314754908$73,000
11Cadillac LYRIQ312312340325$61,795
12Ford Mustang Mach-E312224266-480317-644$45,995-$63,995
13Kia EV6310232167-320258-446$40,900-$55,900
14Mercedes-Benz EQE305285288-402417-633$76,050-$87,050
15Nissan Ariya304216214-238221$43,190-$54,690
16Rivian R1S303216835908$72,500-$90,000
17Hyundai IONIQ 5303256225-320258-446$43,650-$54,500
18BMW i4301270335-536317-586$55,400-$65,900
19BMW i7294294536549$119,300
20Genesis Electrified G80280280365516$79,825
21Volkswagen ID.4275209201-295229-339$38,995-$55,245
22Polestar 2270247231-476243-502$48,400-$75,500
23Audi Q4 e-tron265236201-295228-339$49,800-$62,900
24VinFast VF8260248349-402369-457$56,700-$60,200
25Mercedes-Benz EQB260227188-288284-384$52,400-$60,200
26Chevrolet Bolt EV259259200-200266$26,500-$29,700
27Hyundai KONA Electric258258201-201188$34,000-$42,500
28Kia Niro EV253253201-201291$39,990-$44,650
29Toyota bZ4X252222201-214196-248$42,000-$48,780
30Genesis GV60248235314-429446$59,290-$68,290
31Chevrolet Bolt EUV247247200-200266$27,800-$32,300
32Jaguar I-PACE246246394512$71,300
33Audi Q4 e-tron Sportback242242295339$58,200-$65,900
34Audi e-tron GT238238469465$104,900-$111,300
35Audi RS e-tron GT232232590-590612$142,400
36Subaru Solterra228222215249$44,995-$51,995
37Volvo C40226226402-402487$58,750
38Audi e-tron226226402490$70,800-$86,400
39Nissan LEAF226150147-214236-250$28,040-$36,040
40Audi e-tron Sportback225225402490$74,000-$89,300
41Volvo XC40 Recharge223223408487$53,550-$59,500
42Lexus RZ 450e220196308320$58,500-$64,000
43Porsche Taycan215199402-750254-774$86,700-$190,000
44Audi e-tron S Sportback212212496717$90,800-$97,900
45Audi e-tron S208208496717$88,200-$95,300
46MINI Hardtop 2 Door110110181199$33,900
47Mazda MX-30 EV100100143200$34,110-$37,120

Longest-Range EVS: Used Vehicles

EVs are still newcomers to the automotive landscape, so the selection of used vehicles isn’t as strong. The smaller number of models in existence means there simply aren’t as many used electric cars on the market. Some of the models on our list of new electric vehicles just came out this year, meaning they haven’t had time to make their way to the used car marketplace. There’s also a notable lack of trucks since those are currently new models only. If you want an electric truck you’ll have to go with a new one or wait a bit for used models to make an appearance.

The Tesla Model 3 sedan has the longest range of used electric cars at 310 miles per charge. Tesla also comes out on top for SUVs with its Model X getting a maximum of 295 miles per charge. If it’s a crossover you’re after the Chevrolet Bolt EV with its 238 miles of range will get you further than the competition. While the selection of used electric vehicles is limited, you will save money by buying used as long as you don’t mind the limited number of choices. This can help you get a premium electric car at an entry-level price. 

Used EVs with the Longest Range
RankElectric VehicleMax EV RangeMin EV RangeHP RangeTorque RangeAverage 5-Year Old Used Car Price 
1Tesla Model 3310220258-258307$38,701-$44,999
2Tesla Model X295238328-532387-485$50,990-$103,500
3Tesla Model S270210382-532317-792$43,000-$84,980
4Chevrolet Bolt EV238238200-200266$15,099-$43,510
5Volkswagen e-Golf125125134-134214$19,461-$27,995
6Hyundai IONIQ Electric124124 118-118215$17,500-$26,451
7Ford Focus115115143-143$14,954-$20,590
8BMW i311481168-168184$21,590-$23,999
9Nissan LEAF10784107-107186$10,499-$$21,975
10Kia Soul EV9393109-109210$12,988-$20,899
11Honda Clarity Electric8989161-161221
12Mercedes-Benz B-Class8787177-177251$12,950-$24,950
13FIAT 500e8484111-111147$7,799-$17,777
14Mitsubishi i-MiEV626266-66145

Future Electric Vehicles With Even Longer Ranges?

What about the future? Despite the small number of electric vehicles available compared to the wide range of gas-powered vehicles you can buy, options are increasing. Just one year ago there were no trucks on the market, but today there are three. That number is set to increase with the introduction of the Chevrolet Silverado EV this spring with an impressive predicted range of up to 400 miles per charge.

If you want to go off-road you’ll want to look for the Jeep Wrangler EV, which is expected later this year with range figures under wraps. There are new electric vehicles coming from practically every automaker in every category over the coming years. If you don’t see what you want today, it won’t be long before the perfect zero-emission vehicle for you makes its debut.

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