First day back for Metro Schools saw few issues due to weather

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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - The cold weather caused some problems for Metro Schools on Wednesday as students headed back from winter break.

While some parents were concerned about school being in session with the freezing temperatures, the public information officer with Metro says the day went relatively flawlessly.

Michelle Michaud told News 2 they did have a few heat issues at some schools. Pennington Elementary had to move space heaters into some classrooms, several classrooms were without heat at Hillsboro High School, and Fall Hamilton Elementary School also had some problems.

Michaud says they have the capability of monitoring the school temperatures at a central location, which helps them pinpoint problem spots.

"As you can imagine, any time we are in extreme cold and we are in winter, it's like a slap in the face. Any time you have extreme cold, machinery is going to break down, it may under-perform, and mostly what we are seeing is under performance of the heating, so we had some classrooms that weren't as warm as we would like, some classrooms didn't have any heat at all and we had to move space heaters in. Those were what we call minor issues," she explained.

Michaud says they are planning to have school the next two days as well. She points out that Metro Schools is a big operation and they have several plans in place that some smaller districts may not be able to implement.


Several parents went to social media saying either buses never showed up this morning or showed up late. However, Michaud told News 2 none of those problems were reported to their office.

She explained that bus drivers came in Tuesday to fire up the buses and drove them around to make sure there weren't any problems. She says batteries were replaced and that they used fuel additives to help the buses run more smoothly. Drivers also came in 15 minutes early Wednesday to heat up the buses and to head off any problems that may occur.

Michaud says they cancel school when the temp reaches zero, but several other factors could play a roll into calling school off, like wind and precipitation.

"The safety of our students is the most important thing so if we feel like we can have school and it's going to be warm then we are going to have school. We have a thresh hold of zero degrees wind chill if it's going to get down to that we cannot have kids standing at the bus stop. We watch the weather and we are predicting rather we can have school the next 2 days and we think we can based on what we are seeing right now."

Overall, Michaud says Wednesday was a success. If you have any issues with your bus, report it at 615-259-4636.

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