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Teen charged after police say he shot, killed 2 dogs

Posted: Updated: March 5, 2014 01:17 AM
A bullet hole was found at a neighboring home. A bullet hole was found at a neighboring home.

A 17-year-old Columbia boy is charged with reckless endangerment after police say he fired seven shots outside his home, killing two dogs.

The minor told police he was protecting himself from the two dogs that got loose and were reportedly on his porch attacking his pet Sunday afternoon.

The owner of the deceased dogs, a pit bull and a mixed breed, told Nashville's News 2 her dogs got out by accident, but they are not vicious.

"Those are my babies," Gina Carroll said. "They were my companions. They loved me. They would climb up in my lap and love me like any dog would."

Carroll said she followed her dogs, Prince and Princess, through the yards when she found her male dog fighting a dog on a porch.

She said she immediately broke up the fight and was off the home's property and in control of her animal when the 17-year-old emerged with a handgun.

"I asked where his mother is. He didn't answer and he went into the house. I continued walking my dog, and next thing I know, the screen slams open and I turned and he pulls a gun out of his pocket and yells some obscenities at me," Carroll said.

She continued, "He said, 'Buck up, b*^%$.' I was scared, horrified scared. He fired a shot and I let go of my dog which made him a target. I was in the driveway in the house down from him. I was not on his property."

Carroll told News 2 the teen fired at her from about 12 feet away, even though she had control of Prince, who was between her legs. She said that she let go of her dog, fearing for her life.

"I turned around and saw my pit was shot and he was squirming on the driveway and he kept firing. I was screaming at top of my lungs, ‘Oh God!' My other dog was limping to a car. At that point, [the teen] walked toward me and I was afraid for my life. My life flashed before my eyes; I didn't know where the gun was."

She added, "I was crying. Screaming scared for my life. He had come up to me say he was sorry. I screamed, ‘Where are my dogs at?' One dog was in a drainage ditch, shot three times. The other dog was behind the car, and she had no involvement in the fight."

The teenager's mother didn't want to be identified, but told News 2 her son was just protecting himself and his family.

"I wasn't here. My dog was up here on the porch. The neighbor down the street, her two dogs got out, they come up here and charged my dog," the mother explanied. "My son came out, they were fighting out here, and he had a gun in his hand, to break up the fight. She is pulling them down there, and the biggest pit bull had a hold of my dog."

She continued, "My son stood here, and the pit was coming toward him and he was shooting at him and the pit charged him and he is a very large dog. He shot him and kept shooting because he kept charging him. He was protecting his house, his brother and himself."

According to a police report, the teen said he came off his porch and into the yard when the pit bull charged at him barking.  The dogs were no longer fighting when he began firing shots.

He added he began shooting at the canine because he feared for his safety.

Prince was struck in the head and body before he ran away, and, as he was shooting, Carroll's other dog was hit by the gunfire and killed.

Officers found seven shell casings nearby and reported blood splatter in the yard and on the side of the residence.  A bullet was also found in a neighboring home.

In a police report, officers wrote, "One of the bullet impact paths shows that it was not in the direction of the charging dogs, instead it was toward several of the neighbor's houses."

The teen was charged with reckless endangerment because the dogs were not fighting when he approached them and his actions endangered the lives of people in the neighborhood.

Police added the minor placed himself in harm's way when he left his porch to confront the animals.

Carroll was cited for violations of the city's leash law. 

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