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JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: Sept. 9, 2012


Random ruminations while wondering whatever happened to Dale Carter...

  • Memphis based pop star Justin Timberlake has purchased a slice of the NBA Memphis Grizzlies.

    He is part of a local group of investors who have contributed money to ensure that the team will remain in the Bluff City for at least the next 15 years.

    Timberlake also built and owns Mirimichi, an upscale golf course in Millington, 15 miles north of Memphis. When it was virtually destroyed by a flood, he built it back better than it was.
  • It is being reported by Yahoo! and the Associated Press that former Duke basketball star Lance Thomas is on the hook for $67,800 after making an extravagant jewelry purchase worth $97,800 for five pieces of bling at a New York City store when he was a senior at Duke.

    If true, that was one blinged-out Blue Devil.

    The alleged purchase occurred during the middle of his senior season, in which the Blue Devils went on to win the National Championship by beating Butler in the final game.

    Thomas had 39 starts that season, including the title game. He reportedly made a $30,000 down payment on the purchase, but is being sued for non-payment on the balance.

    If valid, the NCAA could impose penalties that would vacate the national championship and put a black mark on Coach Mike Krzyzewski's spotless record of having no major NCAA violations.

    Somehow, I just don't believe Thomas made $30,000 by working the drive-through window at a fast food joint. That's a ton of money for any college student to have on hand.

    The NCAA is looking into the case.

  • The Titans have some work to do if the NFL franchise wants to improve in ESPN The Magazine's annual list of the ultimate franchise rankings.

    It is a list by the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon and this is the fifth annual ranking. It includes the four major sports pro franchises.

    The Titans are ranked No. 72, behind all AFC South members. The Houston Texans are the best ranked at No. 18. Coming in last place (No. 122) was the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    The Titans got their highest mark (33) in bang for the buck, which includes wins in last three seasons, plus revenues from fans. The lowest marks were fan relations (90) and stadium experience -- quality of arena, game day promotions, and friendliness of environment where the Titans ranked No. 89.

    The Predators got high marks, finishing No. 14 on the list. They were seventh in affordability, which includes ticket prices, parking and concessions.

    The top mark went to the NBA Oklahoma City Thunder franchise, followed by the Green Bay Packers, San Antonio Spurs, Indiana Pacers and Memphis Grizzlies.

  • Remember when some NCAA pea brain decided to change the names of Division I teams to Football Bowl Subdivision? They changed Division I-AA to Football Championship Subdivision.

    It has never really caught on with college football fans. They had no problem with the original Division I and Division I-AA. They had to think twice about which teams were FBS or FCS.

    OK, now we're looking at a playoff system for FBS teams in 2014 that will determine a national champion.

    So would not the FBS then be the FCS, as they are actually playing for a national championship? And then what would they call the DI-AA schools that also has a playoff for the top 16 teams?

    I'm sure some NCAA brainiac has emptied his pocket protector and is busy as a beaver solving this problem that involves national security.

    We'll keep you posted.

  • Will Wolford, who was an All-SEC offensive lineman at Vanderbilt and went on to play with three NFL teams during a 13-year career, is making a career change.

    The Louisville native has been named head coach in waiting at St. Xavier, his alma mater that has been playing second fiddle to city rival Trinity in recent years.

    Wolford has been an investment advisor for Morgan Stanley Smith Barney and will continue to work there instead of taking a faculty job at St. X.

    Wolford is also color analyst on the Colts radio staff and will complete this season before committing next season and beyond.

    He takes over next season as the present coach, Mike Glaser, is retiring after 31 seasons at St. X. Wolford was an assistant coach at St. X from 2005-07 where he coached the freshman team.

    "I live in Louisville. I went to St. X. It's the ultimate coaching job in this state,'' Wolford said at his press conference.

  • Athlon has its college basketball preseason books on the shelves.

    In its national top 25 forecast, the Nashville-based magazine has Indiana No. 1, Louisville No. 2 and Kentucky No. 3.

    Talk about three teams that don't like each other.

  • In between doing TV commercials, former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal has been talking to a pro team in Mexico about joining them.

    Is this the same Shaq that could barely run up and down the floor in the All-Star Game?

    Fuerza Regia wants to sign the 15-time All-Star for two games next month. They previously signed Dennis Rodman to two games.

    Spare me, Shaq.

  • Here are some Vegas odds on various Titans bets, courtesy of Bovada.

    Over-under on Jake Locker's passing yards for season, 3,300. Over-under on Locker interceptions, 14½. Over-under on passing TDs, 17½.

    Over-under on Locker's starts this season. 14½.

    Over-under on Chris Johnson's yard rushing, 1150½. Over-under on rushing TDs, 8½.

    Over-under on Kenny Britt receiving yards, 850½. Over-under on Britt TD receptions, 5.

  • Is seems the author of "Paterno'', former Kansas City Star columnist Joe Posnanski, didn't dig deep enough on the late Penn State football legend Joe Paterno to suit former Kansas City Star columnist, Jason Whitlock.

    Whitlock took Posnanski to task on the book, burying him for not delivering enough inside information on Paterno and the Jerry Sandusky relationship, especially considering Posnanski spent the better part of a year given open access to Paterno.

    "It's difficult to discern what is most shallow in Posnanski's book – the reporting, the access or the insight,'' Whitlock wrote.

    It has been reported Posnanski received a $750,000 advance for the 400-plus page book.

  • And finally, after his team was flattened 69-2 by Florida State in last week's season opener, Murray State Coach Chris Hatcher was asked if he thought the ‘Noles would finish the season as No. 1.

    Hatcher hatched this gem: "I'm no procrastinator.''

    OK, Coach. Take your time. We'll get back with you.


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