Trash not being picked up for thousands of Metro-Nashville residents

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Thousands of people living across the Metro-Nashville area, from West Meade to Donelson, are complaining their trash isn't being picked up on time or at all.

News 2 went to Metro Public Works, which said it had received numerous complaints and was working with the company they contract to pick up trash in Nashville's neighborhoods.

The company is Red River Waste Solutions. A spokesperson said their crews have been delayed for the last three weeks.

"We understand it's frustrating when your garbage is delayed, but we will get it," said Steve Smith, Red River's Regional Market Area Director. "These guys are out working in cold weather, wet weather, and they're doing the best they can."

Smith says the holidays started slowing them down with the sheer volume of trash they had to collect. Then with the snow and wind, they were further delayed.

Red River increased staff and equipment and started working as late as 10 p.m. and on weekends.

But what added to customers' frustration is that one house would have their trash picked up, but the one next door wouldn't.

Smith says that's because the truck may have been full or a fill-in driver wasn't familiar with a route.

"There may have been a few people who fell off the edges, so to speak," he said. "So we'd have to send another truck back out to get them."

Red River picks up trash for 96,000 Nashville homes. Smith says less than 10 percent were affected, but that still equals thousands of people.

Donelson, Priest Lake, and Antioch were the areas most affected.

Smith says they're working on the issue and it should be resolved soon. You can contact Metro Public Works at 615-880-1000 if trash is not collected.

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