TDOT, Metro Public Works to fix potholes after winter weather

Adam Snider - NASHVILLE, Tenn (WKRN) - As roads dry out, pot holes are popping up across Middle Tennessee, and crews need your help in finding them.

With snow and ice at bay, cars were out in force on Thursday.

"I got my cars cleaned here," said Curtis Smith, while waiting at an automated car wash. "[The cars] are filthy, they real nasty."

Across town, you could find long lines wrapping around car washes, and long waits at tire shops.

"It's been really busy, extremely busy," said Aaron Lane, Manager with Bass Tire Company. "Busted tires and bent wheels, stuff like that."

Tis the season for potholes, and crews are out in force.

Officials with TDOT tweeted on Wednesday, asking drivers to keep an eye out for workers.

However, both state and local crews are continuing to clear roadways of snow and ice, so pothole filling will be somewhat delayed.

"It's been really bad, roads are terrible in a lot of places actually," said Lane.

Both TDOT and Metro Public Works offer Pothole Hotlines:

TDOT: Region 3 Maintenance

Nashville / Middle TN


Metro Public Works:

Pothole Patching and Repair


TDOT also urges drivers to send them an email at

Drivers in the metro can fill out an online questionnaire.

These help to put potholes on the map, while putting metro drivers on notice.

"Keep your distance between each car," said Lane. "Where you can spot the potholes as you come up on them."

"I assume [crews] will get them taken care of, once this mess lets up, but right now they can't fix the street," added Smith. "Please pay attention, that's all I can say."

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