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New development plans spark concern in East Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) - Plans for a new development in East Nashville has homeowners in the area concerned that it will mean more traffic, congestion and changes for a unique part of town.

Riverside Village is located at McGavock Pike and Riverside Avenue. There is a bar, coffee shop and several restaurants within the village.

"It's quaint," said homeowner Patrick Sansone, who is also a guitarist for the band Wilco. "I love walking up here every day."

Sansone is concerned that the area will change with the new development.

Nashville-based developer Lance Bloom is asking Metro for rezoning approval so he can build eight townhomes and 16 micro units, or tiny apartments, on an acre and a half of space on Riverside Drive. He said with the development will come new sidewalks and new tenants when he renovates the retail space he co-owns on McGavock Pike.

Some in the area like Bloom's idea. However, others have signed a petition asking Councilman Anthony Davis to nix the proposal.

The developer plans to meet with the community on Feb. 22 to explain his vision and hopefully win over the neighborhood. But trust was lost between Bloom and some Riverside Village homeowners earlier this month.

A notice went out saying he wanted to build 64 units and Councilman Davis said he hadn't heard anything about the plan until the notice.

Bloom told News 2 the notice was never supposed to go out because that plan wasn't set in stone.

Councilman Davis said that plan was scrapped and now Bloom is proposing new townhomes and micro units, which he isn't diametrically opposed to.

"I want to keep with the character of the neighborhood," Bloom said over the phone. He hopes he can dispel any rumors at the community meeting.

But he'll have a lot of convincing to do. Sansone and others say they don't want so much development in such a small space.

"It's going to be too much traffic, too much congestion and too many people," Sandsone said. "It's gonna change the feel and I would like to see that not happen."

Others told News 2 off-camera they like the idea. They believe it will bring new vibrancy to the area and will help increase property values.

The meeting is Wednesday Feb. 22 at Litton Alumni Gymnasium at 5:30 p.m.

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