‘Leave fawns alone,' TWRA issues reminder to Tennesseans

WATE web staff - KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WATE) - Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency says nature can be tough at times. As big-hearted as folks are, TWRA says the best thing people can do if they see a fawn they think is abandoned is leave it alone.

TWRA says they had two different families this week bring in fawns they thought they were rescuing.

"This was a life altering change for the animals and not in any way for the better," said TWRA in a statement.

They said they also received a question from someone about what to do about a fawn in their yard. They recommending leaving it alone and said two days later a doe came and got its offspring.

"Thanks to that person for doing the right thing," said TWRA.

There have also been several different cases where fisherman or boaters rescue fawns struggling in the water. In June a boater saved a fawn that struggling to stay afloat at Choto marina on Fort Loudon Lake. TWRA says they also received a message about two fisherman who came upon a fawn struggling in Fort Loudoun Reservoir.

In both cases the boaters took the fawns back to the shoreline and released it. TWRA says that is the best thing they could have done.

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