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DVDs give insight into serial killer's mind


On Tuesday, Dr. Daniel Martell, a forensic psychologist who spent a total of six hours talking one-on-one with convicted serial killer Paul Dennis Reid last month, testified that while the murderer does have mental issues, they are not as bad as he would have others believe.

"Although I do believe he has a mental disorder, at this time I do believe he is exaggerating about it," he told the court.

Wednesday, News 2 exclusively obtained the recordings between Reid, who was convicted in a string of slayings at fast food restaurants in the mid-1990s, and Dr. Martell.

The interview was conducted on April 22.

At the beginning, Reid seems almost normal.

Martell: "You knew me when you walked in and introduced yourself and remembered my name."
Reid: "Dr. Dan Martell.  I am inmate Paul Reid."

Later, he misused the word "confident."

Reid: "Well, they give me, they give you a broad term that they are going to evaluate your mental status to see if you are confident (sis) to stand trial or what have you, or confident (sis) to assist in a court hearing."
Martell: "The word is competent."
Reid: "Competent."
Martell: "Not confident. Yes that is the issue or the primary issue before the court right now to determine whether or not you're competent to issue -- put in a request to drop your appeals."
Reid: "Well several years ago I did, several years ago and we went through a series of competency hearings and according to my understanding, I passed them all."

While Reid maintained his innocence in the conversation he said he will accept the sentence of "guilty" and that he is ready to die.

Reid: "Well I didn't do anything to get in this situation.  I didn't kill anybody for starters and I didn't commit three aggravated robberies.

"I will take a... I'll accept the sentence of guilty.  I'll accept the punishment of death.  I mean, I will do nothing to support any other advocacy group that states, 'Well we're against the death penalty' and what have you and things of that nature."

"I'd rather go to death watch, I'd rather get lethal injection and I'd rather get out of this nightmare.  I'm not going to participate in appeals. I don't care for their appeals.  I don't believe in them. "

Reid appears completely lucid throughout the interview.  At one point, however, he begins talking about himself in the third person and Dr. Martell questions him about it.

Reid: "He almost sounds demented if you watch him long enough and the more he talks he does sound demented and so..."
Martell: "Are you talking about yourself now?"
Reid: "Yes."

Reid also told Dr. Martell he is a "loving person", who loves all women.

Reid: "I'm a very loving person.  I love women with all my heart.  Always have.  Always will."

Reid believes his life is being controlled by a group of conspirators he calls "Scientific Technology."

Reid: "Scientific Technology was sharing with people, repeatedly, like they know me like the back of their hand, or they know me like a book, and if you do, all you have to do is connect the dots.  They said all this was orchestrated by Scientific Technology and the state of Tennessee went along with."

Reid also has a bizarre belief for someone on death row.  He thinks he'll be set free very soon and when he's released, plans to get married.

Reid: "My college sweetheart, who I'm engaged to Susan, her and I will eventually get married within six months after I get out."

Reid has been in court all week attending competency hearings to determine whether he has the mental capacity to choose to die.

Defense lawyers have long argued that Reid is delusional, hears voices and does not understand he is facing execution.  They point to a childhood head injury as a cause of his mental illness.

Prosecutors and their psychiatrist see it differently.

Nashville Judge Cheryl Blackburn must now decide if Reid is mentally competent to choose to stop the appeals and be put to death.

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